Monday, October 15, 2012

excerpts from grading

I was feeling a little down  today. Down on teaching, and down on my mission - to SAVE every student in the world. It's a tough gig, teaching, especially when you, like me, believe that every student can learn, it's just a matter of motivation and engagement.  Especially tough when you realize that the motivation and engagement all has to come from you. You're not teaching if they're not learning.

But then I started grading papers and I was cheered up a bit:

assignment: develop a research question for an observational study.
  • "Q: Who smoke more weed boys or girls? 
  • Observe different teens and see who smoke the most.
  • (I) go to four middle schools four high schools and observe 16 classes by getting a well-known jock to ask his/her peers about it and then I sit in on the conversations and take notes."
question (on a quiz!): explain how you would use simple random sampling to choose your sample group.
"I would take a group of people (mostly girls) and play spin the bottle with them. That would be considered random sampling wouldn't it."
BONUS question: for four points, list at least four X-men and the mutant powers associated with each.
"Black widow - turns black and disappears;  X-man - has claws out of his fingers"
"Never seen X-men, but I think I know the girl is stretchable, there is a fire man guy, a strong guy, and then a superfast guy."
"Wolverine = claws, Jade = psycho, Storm = weather, Wheelchair Man = physic powers"

Stay tuned for more gems. :)