Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I got a promotion for next year!

You're looking at a College of Charleston Cougar Calling Center SUPERVISOR. Hello, one dollar pay raise!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

total eclipse

So this might sound lame, but I am confused and saddened because I am not seeing the new Twilight movie at midnight.

Wait, wait, hear me out:

The movie saga started when I was starting my freshman year at CofC, when I was fresh from a summer of inhaling these novels like sweet sweet oxygen. I was glad to find other people, like my new roommates, who were equally excited, and we bought tickets and saw the movie at midnight at Palmetto Grande theater in Mount Pleasant.
I mention that because most people don't believe me when I say we don't have a movie theater on the peninsula. We don't. Movie nights are a rarity because of the money, gas, time and coordination required. Remember, college students are first and foremost lazy sacks of nothing.

So early into my college career, I embarked with new friends on a special night out to see the first installment at midnight. I then saw it a few more times, once literally kidnapping someone and stealing them away to the theater.

The next movie came out and some more friends came, as well as the original group. Something about waiting for hours in a line to see a movie you may regret the next morning (simply because of the showtime, not the quality) really bonds people together.

So it is with some sadness that I realize that tonight will pass without incident. Without joining a now traditional group for a new movie. Even though I may not have the same level of enthusiasm I did two years ago, I feel weird being at home surrounded by family instead of in a crowded theater surrounded by horny teenage girls. But that's life. if someone wants to see it tomorrow, I'm in.

if anyone has any wishes, let me know because I'm batting 1000

We had a huge storm last night, with all it's scary rumbling thunder and flashes of lightning. Usually when it starts storming like that, I get a very real urge to watch Jurassic Park. And I usually do. Something about the ultimate surround sound, I guess. Last night it started while we were watching Buffy, so I was happy. As long as it's adding to the fear factor of something.

Then when I went up to sleep, I settled into clean sheets and cracked open East of Eden (which I am reading for book club). The sound of the rain always makes me feel extra comfortable and safe. Soon I couldn't read anymore because my eyelids were too heavy and I went to sleep to the pattering of rain outside my window.

I love rainstorms.

But I love them even more when I can make them work for me. Like adding to the scariness of a movie or putting me to sleep.


peace. Thank you, thunderstorm.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

RLS: I am being courted by a hipster, part 2

OK, I have decided to add to the story. Because there are so many things to tell. And also because I have more to add that happened mere minutes before I posted this.

So he came to see me at work.

It was around the end of my shift, so I was already tired, sweaty, shiny-faced, and also bright green. Did I mention our uniform shirts are green? They are an obscene yellowy highlighter green; a green so unnatural it can only be found in Springtime Oreos.

No. They're greener than that. More like antifreeze. Which I have seen a lot of lately.

Anyway, I was wearing one of the antifreeze shirts that is too big for me which made me hotter and therefore more frumpy and grumpy.

He asked me out, I said yes, yadda yadda yadda. So I asked him when/where etc. He said he had a free movie pass to the new dine-in theater. He said we could meet there at 8 and "see whatever's playing."

Hold up.

Never in my life have I gone to a theater without a specific movie in mind. Never. Sometimes I may change plans and be forced to think on my feet if a show is canceled, but seriously.

This made me nervous. Truthfully, the whole concept made me nervous. But I convinced myself it was a test of my spontaneity and said something lame like "sure" or "cool."

So of course I spent the next three days freaking out, wondering how awkward waiting for him at the theater would be if I got there first, how awkward picking a movie would be, how awkward standing in line waiting to be seated would be (it's a weird theater), etc. And of course none of the scenarios I imagined actually came to pass and there were a lot fewer awkward moments than I'd feared.

I showed up at 8 and he was already there. That's one crisis averted.

Then we looked at what was playing. Since everyone and their mother has free passes to this new theater, most shows were already sold out. Except, thank goodness, A-Team. The movie that the action-blowup-violence-explosion-kick ass soundtrack side of me really wanted to see. Also the movie that the Bradley-Cooper-loving side of me wanted me to see. And it started at 8. Perfect. I looked up, saw this, and coyly said "Oh, A-Team is showing." I attempted to hide the excitement from my voice as I said this, hoping he would be unaware of my intention to see Bradley Cooper shirtless. And to watch stuff blow up for no reason.

He looked over and said "Oh. You really wanna see that?" And what answer could I give but something noncommittal like "nah. notreally, lookskindadumb. eh."

Then he saw that Toy Story 3 was showing! In an hour and 35 minutes. Great. He turned to me and said "How about Toy Story 3??? I really want to see it!" And I said "It's at 9:35. And I already saw it..." and he shrunk into himself and said "Oh, I mean, if you don't want to see it again..." and all I could do was feel guilty that I had crushed the tiny child inside him, so I said "...but I wouldn't mind seeing it again. It was great!" Which it was. But really folks. I saw it two days before. And it's a long movie to watch in 3D.

So we watched it. And as an avid movie-talker, I was extremely weirded out that he did not talk AT ALL in movies. On principle probably. Because he is a hipster.

And then I left and he mumbled something about seeing another movie, and I mumbled something about just coming by the park. Which I now regret. Because not only did he leave me 3 mix tapes and disappear, but I JUST got a text message from him asking if I got them. He didn't put them in a mailbox! He left them right under my nose! I'm going to take this as an insult to my intelligence and not respond for a few days. Unless he comes by again, and who knows what weirdness that will bring.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

real life stories: I am being courted by a hipster.

Disclaimer: I don't mean to hurt any feelings with this, I just have a story to tell.

So I went on a date this week. An awkward evening, to be sure, mostly because I don't date and also because I was on a date with a hipster. So let's go back to where this began:

trivia. He played on my team a few times, my family liked him, Mom thought he was cute and had a crush on me (which she says about every bag boy in every supermarket we ever go to, so I took this opinion very lightly), then he found out where I work. Quite by accident. Apparently he frequents the park where I work to play/watch people play soccer. And three days after our initial encounter, he came back to ask me on a date.

I said yes for several reasons:
  • shock
  • flattery
  • I could hear my mother's voice in my head later that day if I were to say 'no': "well, this is why you don't have a boyfriend. And he was so cute!" followed by disappointed silence filled with my mother's silent hopes that at least her second born would provide grandchildren
  • practice (?)
  • what I like to call the "why not?" factor
Anyway, the date wasn't too great. I saw Toy Story 3 for a second time and realized we don't have a lot in common. For instance, grammar. He asked me if I watched sports, I said football. He then followed up, asking "for whom do you root?" and I forced myself not to laugh loudly at his face.

He also deleted his Facebook. Which makes me uncomfortable about a person. Except in the case of my friend Michael Mai.

So I was a little worried today when I came in to work, thinking that if he were to come visit me and try to ask me out again, I would essentially be cornered and unable to leave. Well, he did come. And although I was anxious about turning him down, he didn't say two words to me. All I know is that one minute I glanced up and saw him at the table, I continued to help a customer, and the next minute I had three mixtapes on the table in front of me and he was no where to be seen.

This is gonna be an interesting summer.

Oh, and Daniel is home from Boy Scout camp! yay!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a typical night home

So I am left home with my brothers tonight while my parents are out at some country club function with relatives. They took the good car and abandoned me with Ryan. So let me tell you what that means:

Ryan is a thirteen year old boy. And for any of you who ever wondered "what is the worst age for a younger brother to be?" you would have your answer in the number 13.
He is helpful and considerate at his best, but usually spends his time farting, muttering sarcastic comments in a stage whisper, or trying to break my fingers.
Right now he is playing a video game. Which means I don't hear much from him except the occasional overly loud groans and the deep thud of his foot hitting the wall. In a while, either his eyes will be tired or he will get fed up with a level he can't beat and he will come looking for a fight. Or possibly to watch Buffy. I can never anticipate which way it's going to go.

Luckily, I also have to pick up Sean from work soon, so that at least adds another element to this hormonal puzzle that could either result in a pleasant evening bonding with my brothers over a movie, or stomping upstairs and doors slamming.

Let's see, shall we?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

warning: spoiler alert?

So I finished Name of the Wind.

I'm going to do you a favor and say DON'T READ IT.

At least not until Pat "Poophead" Rothfuss (the author) finishes AND publishes the sequel, Wise Man's Fear. Unless you wish to face the same disappointment I did late last night, I highly recommend getting out before you get hurt. Wait a year, when this stupid follow up will finally be out (according to Amazon, but what do they know anyway?), and then read it. Because it is quite enjoyable.

So last night, I came home from trivia, watched an episode of Buffy (Ted, Season 2) and then retired to bed, eager to finish the last 20-or-so pages. I usually read until my eyelids are heavy, and then fight to keep them open until I finish the chapter. Last night, however, I achieved no resolution, and could barely make my eyes tired with the last few chapters. I knew around page 500 that the book would not be able to resolve itself, and even that the main character, Kvothe, would be unable to finish his storytelling. What I DIDN'T know is how upset I would be when I got to the last page and realized I would not see an end of the story for perhaps another year.

If I hadn't been badgered into reading it now, now, NOW, I wouldn't be so disappointed by the lackluster, unsatisfying, HUGE BUZZ KILL of an ending.

I'm calling you out, Robert Ross. I blame you for this turmoil and anguish.

edit: I don't know if you can tell, but I really, thoroughly enjoyed this book. Stupid Poophead.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

anyone else have to worry about their brother leaving wet spandex on the floor of the bathroom?


Monday, June 14, 2010


Ok, I have a few things to say, but none of them are substantial enough for a full post. Here are some things I've been thinking about lately:

THE AIR CONDITIONING IS ON. It's a miracle. Not only can we bake things in the oven again without overheating the house and killing the dog, we also closed all the windows! And that means those stupid birds have shut up. Well, they're still annoying, I just can't hear them as well through a pane of glass. :) It was getting kinda ridiculous. They were talking to me. Their chirping and horny mating calls were starting to sound like real words: one of them always says Germannnyyyy, and one says "shiverme shiverme shiverme timbers" and another says "babysitter babysitter" and then there's one that just copies ALL OF THEM. Doing one call after another, in succession, like the most annoying type of car alarm.

I'm a little bit in love with Simon Pegg. OK, a lot. Watch the show Spaced. I finally did. (hint: it's all on Hulu)

My job is tiring and suckish and I know I complain about it too much. Friday is my first pay day!!! yay. I will make a real effort to not bitch about it anymore because I don't want to be that girl. It's like in high school when I was in orchestra and my friends and I all hated our conductor. We would find ourselves complaining about him on the weekends at sleepovers until we realized "oh no. he won. he's in our heads all the time!" So I will stop. Now.

I'm almost through a book called Name of the Wind, which I was reluctant to read simply because someone told me I'd like it. Which instantly turns me off to it. Except then that someone decided to harass me over facebook and bug me and bug me until I read it. Damn him.

I still have no idea what day of the week it is. When I was in church yesterday, I flipped through the missalette and found out that there are only 9ish more weeks of summer. Which is still a long time.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ficitonal characters: a response

OK, my roommate posted a list of fictional marriageable characters on her blog. I laughed for a long long time, mostly because I agreed with her choices (mostly) but also because I remembered a similar list I made with my friends.

Lucky for you, I was going through a Princess Diaries phase at the time and wrote it all down.

I'll set the scene:
It's a Friday night. My friends and I have decided to stay up for 30 straight hours, inspired by the 30-hr famine sponsored by the FCA at our school. We had decided not sleeping was way easier than not eating, and we were bored. Mind, we had woken up early that morning for school and we were burnt out from life the way most freshmen in high school are. You know, growing and whining and stuff.
Eager to pass the time without drowsing, we decide to make a list of hot fictional characters and record it in the journal I had taken to chronicling my pathetic fourteen year old life in. here it is, word for word:

"Ginny's house
2:11 AM 3/11/05
This is teh wonderful Kala!
  1. Westley, cause he's got a mask and doesn't have a last name...
  2. DRACO MALFOY CUZ HE'S FREAKING HOT [editor's note: Kala's input]
  3. Ender Wiggin, cuz he's all smart and stuff [Ginny/Mallory]
  4. Peter Wiggin, cuz he's a hot genius guy [G,M]
  5. Harry Potter- too cool to need a reason (almost too sexy for this list)
  6. Holden Caufield, cuz he's funny
  7. MERCUTIO- IS DEFINITELY TOO SEXY FOR THIS LIST! [apparently we had just read Romeo and Juliet]
  8. Michael Moscowitz, cuz he's HOTT and loves Star Wars
  9. Luke Skywalker, he's the shizz
  10. Patrick, he made out with Macaulay Culkin [this is a reference to the bloopers from the movie Saved. nerds to the core]
  11. Macaulay Culkin, he's a beast. enough said. [Saved]
  12. WOLVERINE- king of beasts and he'splayed by Hugh J.
  13. Captain Seamus, cuz HE'S GOT A MAGIC BAG OF POTATOES. [honestly, I have no idea what this is about. Possibly artwork on my "I <3 Nerds" purse]
  14. Meatwad- cuz he's like...meaty and waddy.
  15. Master Snape- cuz he's hilarious
  16. APOLLO, CUZ HE'S THE SHIZ [...? Mythology shoutout?]
  17. Professor Lupin- James Potter- Sirius Black- Need I say more?
  18. Wiggit- OMG [?]
  19. Tain- if he were human, he'd probably be hot [no idea- a Yahoo search brought up this]
  20. Danny Zuko
  21. FERRIS BEULLER (needs no reason) [this was huge and also had excited sparks coming off of it]
  22. Marty McFly- cuz he drives a cool car
  23. SNOOPY- he's cooler than his owner
  24. Rafiki- WTF
  25. That guy from Mulan [Shang]- cuz he's an Asian commando sort of way
  26. Aragorn- totally KOOL
  27. Michael Vaughn- he's hot...and has a gun [clearly my input]
  28. Seth Cohen- cool dork
  29. PEDRO- he's like...Mexicaney
  30. Sir Ulrich Von Lichtenstein- cuz he's hot.
  31. Homer Hickam- Donnie Darko- JAKE G!!!
  32. George of the Jungle- because he wears a loincloth [hee hee]
  33. GARY- cuz he's a PIMP
  34. Rusty Ryan- ate through the entire movie and didn't gain a poooooouuund...
  35. Mario- he's a hott digital Italian plumber
  36. The Napster- he can get you green lights all the way down... [hahaha Italian Job]
  37. Leopold- the whole English thing is pretty cool...
  38. The Baron- voiced by Cary Elwes [Miyazaki's The Cat Returns]
need we say more? oh, teh hottness! It's almost unbearable."

Hope you enjoyed that, Internet.

Monday, June 7, 2010

let me sum up

"Let me explain. No, there is too much- let me sum up."

OK, this is the point I have reached in my summer:
  • all my e-mail messages are automated from a scholarship website or schedules from my boss.
  • I can't remember what day of the week it is. Probably because I have no weekends anymore.
  • I can't remember what I have been doing with myself for the past week (other than work) but I feel like I've been busy...
  • The air conditioning is still not on- and it's really becoming noticeable.
  • I have a routine: wake up, eat, work, eat, TV, read, sleep. rinse and repeat.
My job is both good and bad. Good because I have something to do. Every. Day. Bad because it's a job.

My position as a concession stand operator/spray park attendant has guaranteed a certain amount of yelling. Not AT people, mind you, just in general. Shouting through the concession window, hollering "WALK" at random intervals to reinforce my position of power (because I don't get to have a whistle), and repeating my self over and over telling people where to buy wristbands and that they can't have food or Gatorade. Heaven forbid someone drink colored water in a giant sprinkler park.

My throat has been killing me since my second day of work. And there is no down time to recover. I suggested putting up a sign saying NO FOOD OR DRINK but of course my throat is less important than city budget.

However, I was nervous about taking a Spanish class next semester for my minor because I didn't take any Spanish last year. After a summer at a city park in Roswell, GA, I think I'll be in pretty good standing with my foreign language. I TOLD YOU Spanish would be more helpful than French, sixth grade naysayers!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


It's JUNE. One of my favorite months of the year. Warm, muggy, usually full of vacations and no immediate commitments to worry about. This year, all of those descriptors are FALSE. Except "muggy." way to go, 2010.

This June has been wet and stormy so far. No vacations in sight except for the distant promise of a stay in a Gulf Shores condo at the end of July. AND I am working at my lovely summer job EVERY DAY. Every. Day. Monday to Friday, holidays off, some vacation time? NO. Sunday-Sunday. At least five hours a day. Everyday. Including holidays (which are scarce anyway, I suppose).

The only good news about this horrible June is that it is wet, which makes parts of my job easier. Working at a splash park means checking for wristbands; banning food, drinks, toys and strollers; and sometimes (SOMEtimes) shutting off the water due to thunder and lightning. When it rains, there are less people to disappoint when you have to say "no ice cream in the splash park." However, it DOES mean I get yelled at by the people who feel they deserve a refund because of the rain. Too bad. I can't do that, ma'am.

Can't wait till pay day. Only twenty more days.

In unrelated news, I just heard on the 6 o'clock news some GT students were experimenting with some chemicals FOR FUN behind their dorm when they exploded, giving them second degree burns on their chests, faces and arms. Anybody know these guys?

EDIT: I realize that sounds like I said the students exploded. While that would be terrible (and much more exciting) I meant that the chemicals exploded onto them.