Tuesday, June 29, 2010

total eclipse

So this might sound lame, but I am confused and saddened because I am not seeing the new Twilight movie at midnight.

Wait, wait, hear me out:

The movie saga started when I was starting my freshman year at CofC, when I was fresh from a summer of inhaling these novels like sweet sweet oxygen. I was glad to find other people, like my new roommates, who were equally excited, and we bought tickets and saw the movie at midnight at Palmetto Grande theater in Mount Pleasant.
I mention that because most people don't believe me when I say we don't have a movie theater on the peninsula. We don't. Movie nights are a rarity because of the money, gas, time and coordination required. Remember, college students are first and foremost lazy sacks of nothing.

So early into my college career, I embarked with new friends on a special night out to see the first installment at midnight. I then saw it a few more times, once literally kidnapping someone and stealing them away to the theater.

The next movie came out and some more friends came, as well as the original group. Something about waiting for hours in a line to see a movie you may regret the next morning (simply because of the showtime, not the quality) really bonds people together.

So it is with some sadness that I realize that tonight will pass without incident. Without joining a now traditional group for a new movie. Even though I may not have the same level of enthusiasm I did two years ago, I feel weird being at home surrounded by family instead of in a crowded theater surrounded by horny teenage girls. But that's life.

...so if someone wants to see it tomorrow, I'm in.

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