Sunday, June 27, 2010

RLS: I am being courted by a hipster, part 2

OK, I have decided to add to the story. Because there are so many things to tell. And also because I have more to add that happened mere minutes before I posted this.

So he came to see me at work.

It was around the end of my shift, so I was already tired, sweaty, shiny-faced, and also bright green. Did I mention our uniform shirts are green? They are an obscene yellowy highlighter green; a green so unnatural it can only be found in Springtime Oreos.

No. They're greener than that. More like antifreeze. Which I have seen a lot of lately.

Anyway, I was wearing one of the antifreeze shirts that is too big for me which made me hotter and therefore more frumpy and grumpy.

He asked me out, I said yes, yadda yadda yadda. So I asked him when/where etc. He said he had a free movie pass to the new dine-in theater. He said we could meet there at 8 and "see whatever's playing."

Hold up.

Never in my life have I gone to a theater without a specific movie in mind. Never. Sometimes I may change plans and be forced to think on my feet if a show is canceled, but seriously.

This made me nervous. Truthfully, the whole concept made me nervous. But I convinced myself it was a test of my spontaneity and said something lame like "sure" or "cool."

So of course I spent the next three days freaking out, wondering how awkward waiting for him at the theater would be if I got there first, how awkward picking a movie would be, how awkward standing in line waiting to be seated would be (it's a weird theater), etc. And of course none of the scenarios I imagined actually came to pass and there were a lot fewer awkward moments than I'd feared.

I showed up at 8 and he was already there. That's one crisis averted.

Then we looked at what was playing. Since everyone and their mother has free passes to this new theater, most shows were already sold out. Except, thank goodness, A-Team. The movie that the action-blowup-violence-explosion-kick ass soundtrack side of me really wanted to see. Also the movie that the Bradley-Cooper-loving side of me wanted me to see. And it started at 8. Perfect. I looked up, saw this, and coyly said "Oh, A-Team is showing." I attempted to hide the excitement from my voice as I said this, hoping he would be unaware of my intention to see Bradley Cooper shirtless. And to watch stuff blow up for no reason.

He looked over and said "Oh. You really wanna see that?" And what answer could I give but something noncommittal like "nah. notreally, lookskindadumb. eh."

Then he saw that Toy Story 3 was showing! In an hour and 35 minutes. Great. He turned to me and said "How about Toy Story 3??? I really want to see it!" And I said "It's at 9:35. And I already saw it..." and he shrunk into himself and said "Oh, I mean, if you don't want to see it again..." and all I could do was feel guilty that I had crushed the tiny child inside him, so I said "...but I wouldn't mind seeing it again. It was great!" Which it was. But really folks. I saw it two days before. And it's a long movie to watch in 3D.

So we watched it. And as an avid movie-talker, I was extremely weirded out that he did not talk AT ALL in movies. On principle probably. Because he is a hipster.

And then I left and he mumbled something about seeing another movie, and I mumbled something about just coming by the park. Which I now regret. Because not only did he leave me 3 mix tapes and disappear, but I JUST got a text message from him asking if I got them. He didn't put them in a mailbox! He left them right under my nose! I'm going to take this as an insult to my intelligence and not respond for a few days. Unless he comes by again, and who knows what weirdness that will bring.

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  1. The whole time I read this very amusing account, all I could think about was how much I miss you.

    That said, "coyly"...hahaha. I was picturing a very exaggerated version of this in my head and it made me laugh quite a lot.

    He doesn't talk at ALL in the movies? Well that's lame, especially considering the amount of noise that revolves around movie nights with our little group.

    Maybe he'll bring you six mixtapes next time. And each time you don't respond he'll bring double he brought the last time.