Saturday, June 26, 2010

real life stories: I am being courted by a hipster.

Disclaimer: I don't mean to hurt any feelings with this, I just have a story to tell.

So I went on a date this week. An awkward evening, to be sure, mostly because I don't date and also because I was on a date with a hipster. So let's go back to where this began:

trivia. He played on my team a few times, my family liked him, Mom thought he was cute and had a crush on me (which she says about every bag boy in every supermarket we ever go to, so I took this opinion very lightly), then he found out where I work. Quite by accident. Apparently he frequents the park where I work to play/watch people play soccer. And three days after our initial encounter, he came back to ask me on a date.

I said yes for several reasons:
  • shock
  • flattery
  • I could hear my mother's voice in my head later that day if I were to say 'no': "well, this is why you don't have a boyfriend. And he was so cute!" followed by disappointed silence filled with my mother's silent hopes that at least her second born would provide grandchildren
  • practice (?)
  • what I like to call the "why not?" factor
Anyway, the date wasn't too great. I saw Toy Story 3 for a second time and realized we don't have a lot in common. For instance, grammar. He asked me if I watched sports, I said football. He then followed up, asking "for whom do you root?" and I forced myself not to laugh loudly at his face.

He also deleted his Facebook. Which makes me uncomfortable about a person. Except in the case of my friend Michael Mai.

So I was a little worried today when I came in to work, thinking that if he were to come visit me and try to ask me out again, I would essentially be cornered and unable to leave. Well, he did come. And although I was anxious about turning him down, he didn't say two words to me. All I know is that one minute I glanced up and saw him at the table, I continued to help a customer, and the next minute I had three mixtapes on the table in front of me and he was no where to be seen.

This is gonna be an interesting summer.

Oh, and Daniel is home from Boy Scout camp! yay!


  1. Claiiiire XD. I am sorry for your awkward encounters. But think of it this way: now you will have an unlimited supply of interesting experiences to share with your devoted readers. Keep us updated :).

    p.s. tell him you like any indie band's later work better than their early stuff. That should turn him off.

  2. Well despite the fact that it ended up being awkward, at least you took the chance and went on the date in the first place!

    And Jenna's PS is definitely excellent advice. Haha.

    Wiat...he left you mixtapes? Have you listened to them?