Monday, June 14, 2010


Ok, I have a few things to say, but none of them are substantial enough for a full post. Here are some things I've been thinking about lately:

THE AIR CONDITIONING IS ON. It's a miracle. Not only can we bake things in the oven again without overheating the house and killing the dog, we also closed all the windows! And that means those stupid birds have shut up. Well, they're still annoying, I just can't hear them as well through a pane of glass. :) It was getting kinda ridiculous. They were talking to me. Their chirping and horny mating calls were starting to sound like real words: one of them always says Germannnyyyy, and one says "shiverme shiverme shiverme timbers" and another says "babysitter babysitter" and then there's one that just copies ALL OF THEM. Doing one call after another, in succession, like the most annoying type of car alarm.

I'm a little bit in love with Simon Pegg. OK, a lot. Watch the show Spaced. I finally did. (hint: it's all on Hulu)

My job is tiring and suckish and I know I complain about it too much. Friday is my first pay day!!! yay. I will make a real effort to not bitch about it anymore because I don't want to be that girl. It's like in high school when I was in orchestra and my friends and I all hated our conductor. We would find ourselves complaining about him on the weekends at sleepovers until we realized "oh no. he won. he's in our heads all the time!" So I will stop. Now.

I'm almost through a book called Name of the Wind, which I was reluctant to read simply because someone told me I'd like it. Which instantly turns me off to it. Except then that someone decided to harass me over facebook and bug me and bug me until I read it. Damn him.

I still have no idea what day of the week it is. When I was in church yesterday, I flipped through the missalette and found out that there are only 9ish more weeks of summer. Which is still a long time.

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  1. Air conditioning is always a plus.

    What's the book about?

    And it's Monday, haha.