Wednesday, July 8, 2009

word to the wiser

This week I find myself in New Orleans. Usually this means family gatherings, good food, and the obligatory trip to the French Quarter and/or my grandmother's house in the Garden District. However, unfortunate circumstances have brought my family here this time and the air is tense rather than festive, as it normally is. Rather than sadden you with the purpose of my trip, I would like to share something I learned. Just know that a family member is hospitalized, and our stay is lengthening day by day, waiting for news. Oops. That does sound kinda sad. Sorry.

Things you need for a week long stay that you didn't bring because you thought it would be two days:

  • more underwear.

  • more clothes. -Oh, note to self: check the climate of relative's house before packing. You might want to reconsider those sweaters. In July.

  • acne medication. (oh, it's gorgeous believe me)

  • something to cover those now-blossoming blemishes (double whammy)

  • workout clothes. -I kinda wish I could run, which should tell you how incredibly bored and cooped-up I feel.

  • extra contact lenses!

  • 10x more patience. - Rachel told me not to pray for patience a few posts ago. Well, I just wish I had packed a bit more.

  • a cell phone charger. -you should bring that for two days anyway, I'm just dumb. and also lonely and starved for human contact. OK, non-familial human contact

  • your voice. -OK, this is case specific. But it is really annoying to lose your voice when you're seeing people who say "oh, you're so big! how's college" and all you can say is "good" and nod a lot.

  • a hobby. -right now I have sudoku. and television. heeelllp.

  • a positive outlook, all your best friends, lots of shoes and money, and Ben and Jerry's.
Well, I must go mosey around some more, I don't want to throw off my schedule.

If you pray, please pray for my aunt, Biffy DeBuys. Thank you.

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