Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Ah, it's Wednesday again.

It is also the end of fall break. A break too short to do anything but stay at school while the freshmen go home and try to find something entertaining to do. I believe it was Friday afternoon that I realized I had no concrete plans for the next four days but the hope of sleeping until noon every morning. Except Sunday, because there was no student mass, which meant I went to the cathedral (if you ever visit Charleston, I highly recommend attending the 11:15 mass with the choir).
Today, Charleston has decided to remind me it is autumn. It is below 70, grey, and perpetually rainy. And my computer mocks me by playing the Beach Boys. Nice. However, since this weather is rather infrequent, it is nice to sit and do the USA Today crossword and drink Einstein's coffee. It is also good for wearing sweatpants and sitting inside listening to the Once soundtrack.

I woke up early to see my advisor before Western Civ this morning, because like it or not registration for spring starts mon/tues. And as freaked out as I was last night, trying to land on some helpful and interesting classes, I have picked some good ones and I am actually fairly excited for next semester.

Right. So. Wednesday hottie: my number one, Mr. Hugh Jackman.

Yesterday I figured out you can stream Kate and Leopold on Netflix. However, as much as I love him, I opted to read Western Civ at waterfront park because it was nice outside. I do not regret this decision at all, because as my friend Justin put it "it's Noah's ark outside."
Then again, he makes the rain look pretty good.

that is all. I have no words. only sighs of contentment.

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