Friday, August 20, 2010

back to school

My new life has started (at least for this year) and I am off to a busy start.

This week: meetings, meetings, meetings, and some rain. However, I DO get paid to sit through HR presentations about leadership style and I am important enough to interview new hires on the phone. Basically I am a boss now and it feels good.

With great responsibility, however, comes more and more responsibility. Things keep piling on: CSA hospitality, Honors mentor, move-in volunteer.... and I just have to remind myself that all these things are just pieces of my grown-up cocoon. One day, I will burst forth as a woman with bills and thank you notes to write and people to be in charge of and lots and lots of things that give you ulcers and it will be greeeaaat. I say that with zero sincerity.

So I'm going to enjoy college life as long as I can. Which is going to start riiiiight now.

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