Tuesday, January 11, 2011

welcome back, beeches

I got my hair cut! And I have bangs. I look so cute I feel like I need to buy new clothes. And floss more. And stop drinking soda. Or something.

Meanwhile, outside of Hair Land: I received an email from the Dragon Lady telling me that my final draft of the scholarship application is due to her by Thursday. Which is so so close.
I may cry.

I am getting all the online scholarship filled out and if I take too long listing my accomplishments on one page, it cuts me off and doesn't save any of my stuff. mreeehhhh.

I don't know if I can do thissssss.

ALSO: this weird banging/clanking noise kept waking me up last night. I am told that the heat is turning on, but honestly it sounds like squirrels are stuck in there playing croquet.

As long as they don't burrow through the walls, I'll be fine.

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