Saturday, March 12, 2011

when God closes a door, he opens a beach house

It is my final night of spring break, and I am sitting at my computer. But oh, what a great week it has been.

I spent Sunday to Saturday morning at my friend Hannah's beach house on the Isle of Palms. Several things:
  1. this was the first year I didn't just go home and veg out on the sofa. Which may have been a mistake because apparently we have a 3D TV now.
  2. I was worried that because I wasn't getting a break from the people I see everyday, I would grow to hate them after a day or two of sharing a house with them.
  3. The high all week was about 65 degrees. Every time I went out on the beach I had a sweater or a blanket.
don't you want to just dive right in?
BUT it turned out to be really fun.  There were always new people in the house bringing food and games and conversation. I accrued a whole library of new music and made some new friends. And although it sucked to be at the beach and be unable to apricate*, the chill doesn't change the look of the stars at night. 

and here is my latest favorite:

*Balderdash tells me this means "to sunbathe" but my spell check says it is not a word. confirms it is, indeed, an English word, although the most popular usage was in the 1690s. Go figure.

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