Wednesday, March 30, 2011

tomboy gets her boy

I am in between papers right now and have found myself with a night in the room by myself.  It's rainy outside, it's cozy inside, and I am sitting on my couch doing my homework and watching TV. I never just watch TV. This is great.
Except that the program I most want to watch is on the TV Guide Channel. This is strange to me. TV Guide is not supposed to have real shows and movies. Most days I am annoyed by the slow scrolling of programing information and the ridiculous show playing above it. I curse the small size of the listings and wish for a time when there was only room for weather or small advertisements.

Tonight I am watching Some Kind of Wonderful, which I quite enjoy. Not as much as the other John Hughes movies, but enough that when I saw the movie starting I sat down and made myself a nest to settle into for the next hour and a half.

It's been a while since I've seen it, but I am noticing several new things along the way:
  • Watts has the coolest car ever. I want it.
  • Why were so many girls in the 80s dating preppy assholes and refusing to stand up for themselves when they were referred to as "property?"
  • Eric Stoltz looks exactly like Mark Hamil.
  • I must really like this movie for other reasons because Keith (Eric Stoltz) is about as hot as Luke Skywalker, but with a higher voice. So...not hot. Just to clarify.
  • class differences are tearing us apart!!! they live on the wrong side of the tracks and he has dirty hands!
  • his littlest sister went on to be the oldest sister (DJ) on Full House. huh.
so, if you're not doing anything right now, go watch this movie. stand by for possible additions to this list

EDIT: Watts Wisdom:
On whether to face the bullies: "It's better to swallow pride than blood."
On high-maintenance Amanda Jones: Keith- You can't judge a book by its cover.
                                                        Watts- Yeah, but you can see how much it costs.

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