Friday, February 25, 2011

time is running out

I need to make a decision. About my future  my class schedule. By Monday. I need help.

I have two required classes left to take for Psychology. And two semesters. I'm not going to get into how guilty I feel that I didn't graduate early, but for now my only defense is that I have to write my Bachelor's Essay next year for the Honors College, which is like writing an Undergrad thesis. And it is gonna take a lot of research and a lot of time.
Anyway. Time is running out.

I have to take my psychology lab OR Cognitive Psychology next semester, but not both, because then I complete my major and lose my scholarship. At least that is what I have been told. 

Option 1: Take Cognitive next semester, and hope that the labs don't fill up in the Spring.
Option 2:  Take the Conditioning and Learning lab next semester.

Why Claire, you say, you don't like your Conditioning class now, and you probably don't want to work with a rat for four months next semester, why would you take this lab? Simple, I answer, because all the other labs have prerequisites and even though I feel like I have taken all the psych classes C of C offers, I have so far managed to not take any of the other three lab classes except C + L. Damn.

So I either take a lab that I will probably not like and get awful friendly with a five pound rodent next semester, or I run the risk of signing up in the Spring and somehow (despite priority registration) missing out on this quickly-filling class and not getting to graduate.



  1. If you've gotten priority registration in the past, I wouldn't worry too much about it. On the other hand, having Cognition second semester senior year might give you an easier time, depending on how your classes are (I'm comparing this to our psych program, but I don't know how similar they are). Plus, you could name it Scabbers and that would be funny.
    And I feel guilty about not graduating early sometimes too. But enjoy it while it lasts (at least that's what everyone tells me).

  2. i vote take the rat lab in the Fall so you don't have to worry about it filling up in Spring, AND THEN you'll be rat-free for you FINAL SEMESTER EVER.