Tuesday, June 16, 2009

gatorade: savior of the sick

So the lack of posts can be easily explained (she explained to her non-existent fan club of ravenous blog readers). Food poisoning.

There, I said it. The big FP. NOT swine flu as my brother suggested/hoped, but a bad mussel or iffy mayonnaise or something equally sneaky and/or evil. Come to think of it, mayonnaise and mussels probably don't get along too well, but luckily and less repulsively, they were in separate meals.

Anyway, the other night around 11 or 12 all the food I assumed was quietly digesting within the peaceful walls of my stomach decided to exit with such intensity and ferocity that I am still traumatized by the experience. However, after a few hours of violent digestive pyrotechnics and a day of rest, Gatorade, and lots of television, I am back. Now I can spend the day relaxing and watching television! huzzah.

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  1. you so have a way with words...blogging will be good for you!