Saturday, June 27, 2009

go big or go home

One of the things I miss about college life (one of the many things) is weekly trivia night. Every tuesday at 6:30 we walk to O'Malley's for two hours of generally pointless questions. During the summer, however, my trvial knowledge has gone untested...until last night. Who would have thought that Starbucks is a good place for trivia? Actually, the tables are small, there's no food, and the host reminded me of a love child spawned from the romance of Bill Nye the Science Guy and The Cat in the Hat. Also, like most trivia hosts, he gave the answers with a smug smile that implies he knew the answer the whole time, or even wrote the question. I used to think this was the case. In reality, trivia hosts recieve the weekly questions from a nerdier nerd who doesn't have to sit in a crowded Starbucks all night. Don't get me wrong, I seriously wish that were my job.

I mention this because our trivia team (J, G, M, Y, K, K, and H) won first place last night. There was a small argument about how much to bet for our last question, but we decided to go all the way. At least, the person who wrote the wager decided. But it payed off. Meow Zedong! Go big or go home!

Oh, and apparently trivia hosts enjoy small pictures of our mascot, Meow Zedong.

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