Saturday, June 13, 2009

movie review take 1

Ok, I'll just give you a second to scroll through that. yeah. I know no one wants to hear my girly squeaks or obsessive gushing about this gorgeous man, but I would like to comment on this recent movie, as I have just reseen it in the form of a rain soaked drive-in (more on that later).
To understand the movie fully, all one has to do is examine this poster. things to notice:
  • position? primal scream. one of Wolverine's specialties (not necessarily Hugh Jackman's because he's good at just about everything) and a frequently used tool in most of the x-men saga. EX. a scrunched I'm-not-gonna-cry-over-my-'dead'-gf-here-because-it's-too-macho-but-i-probably-will-in-the-shower-later-so-no-one-can-hear-me face followed by a bellowing growl towards the sky that says whatever it takes he's gonna get even. So there's the plot.
  • weapons? adamantium claws. Which, for those of you who didn't know, are simply plated around bone spikes which he uses in the early parts of the film. They are pretty creepy and no where near as cool or sexy as automatic hand knives (which is saying a lot, because I hate knives. HATE them.)
  • attire. here's my favorite part. Of course, the classic wife-beater (which I read cost at least $50 each and they had to keep buying more because he kept ripping them with his huge muscles. sigh) BUT (and I do mean butt) I would like to point out that this man knows how to wear some jeans. It's amazing he could find any that fit over his Serena Williams-like thunder thighs, but they did, and it did not go under appreciated.
  • finally, the muscles themselves. My favorite thing to tell people is a fact I learned from an interview with him promoting the movie. In order to get enough protein and keep his metabolism going, he would wake up at three in the morning to eat copious amounts of food, sometimes eating an entire chicken. An ENTIRE chicken. I have no more words

All in all, this movie has more action than plot, but that's all to be expected from a summer blockbuster: lots of explosions, a few mega-hotties and usually a fast car or slutty girl in a bikini. This movie didn't have either of the last two, which is the only reason, I believe, why some people were disappointed. In my mind, Hugh Jackman makes up for any short comings, and I am happy with that. But please, keep in mind how many chickens were killed for the making of this movie. Hopefully that will help you appreciate it a bit more.

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