Monday, August 3, 2009

iAm A Loser

change everything you are and everything you were, your number has been called. fight: battles have begun. revenge will surely come. your hard times are ahead. best! you've got to be the best! you've got to change the world and use this chance to be heard. your time is now.

  • to warm up my fingers I thought I'd share some Muse. there you go.

    I love rediscovering old favorites. There's the thrill of reminiscence and also of new joy. This could come from introducing a roommate to Alias (now it's a bit out of hand- I even got her family addicted) or setting your music player to shuffle or even cleaning out your closet and finding your Ricky Martin CD (which, of course, leads almost immediately to shaking your bon bon). I rewatch the same movies so many times I'm amazed I ever watch new ones. But I do. And I watch a lot. So much so that I took a test on an e-mail or similar that had a list of several movies and made you check off the ones you've seen. I'd seen a fair percentage, probably 100 of the 150 or similar. At the end, it told me that my number meant I had no life. Thank you again, internet, but I think I know that.

    Now I'm rediscovering Muse after a month or two break, and I feel like Twilight might be next. Please stop me now.

    This past week, at the beach...

    I surfed!

    true, but I also read some James Bond novels ala Ian Fleming! yay!I forgot how enjoyable those books are. Unlike the movies, the plot is clearly spelled out and the point of view is third person omniscient, so the reader gets a view into the mind of 007. A few things about Bond you may not know:

    in the early books, he wants to marry just about every Bond girl, until one of them inevitably dies, leaving him scarred.

  • he has a scar on his face. hot.

  • he drinks like a fish and smokes like a chimney

  • in Thunderball, he goes to rehab

  • he really doesn't enjoy killing or think it's cool, especially in cold blood (which he refuses to do).

that's about all. In the books, just as in the movies, he's a badass secret agent with a license to kill and a hot bod. He also is an impeccable dresser and usually wears a dark blue suit and NOT a tux. You can't live in such an outfit. Just ask Daniel Craig. That Bond knows how to wear a polo. or a cardigan. or a speedo...

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