Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Smart buy of the week:

so, as I mentioned earlier, I am in charge of buying my textbooks for fall semester. I groaned and griped, I turned down a trip to Savannah and spent days searching online. However, I only have four classes next semester. Western civilization, the class required of every honors student, is six credit hours so it counts for two. West Civ requires 4-6 books, but I'm buying them from my roommate from last year so DONE. As for psych stat, my suitemate who took the class with the same professor says he doesn't use the book and tells his students not to buy it so DONE. I'm trying to drop spanish, so I didn't buy that book, but eventually I will need a book for that class, whatever it turns out to be.

the point of this post is: the book I did buy (for intro to mass communications) was

$87 used from my school bookstore
$75 used on amazon.com
$56 to rent on chegg.com


$41 NEW from campusbooks.com with free shipping, 3-4 days

I know, I'm amazing. use this website!

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