Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last (full) night in my bed. Tomorrow, I'll be waking up early and driving back to school. Today, I should ahve been able to sleep in a bit, eat some breakfast, pack some more...but no. This morning, the roofers came. When they called yesterday to say they were coming first thing in the morning, I had no way of knowing they meant 6:30. That's just crazy talk. But they came. And they hammered. And they are still hammering. And scraping. Hmm. Now that I'm listening it seems they finally left my corner of the house alone for a few minutes. If only they ahd done that at 7. Now I am awake for the day, after laying in bed trying unsuccessfully to fall back asleep, to let the repetitive noises (racket) lull me back to a dream I can't remember.

Now after watching an hour or so of television, I must start my day. In that hour, btw, I watched the music video for Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me." OK, I'm really not a big TS fan, but I like this video.

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