Thursday, May 27, 2010

dream on

Ok, for some reason I am sitting in my room re-listening to the "dream" songs from Glee last week (the Joss Whedon one, people. Don't pretend that wasn't the best episode all season).

What am I saying? I know why I'm here.

My Uncle Larry and cousin Christian are coming to stay with us. They should be here any minute, actually. We found out sometime this afternoon, and if my mother's blog is any testament, we're kind of freaking out. Probably because when we go to New Orleans we always stay at their house and it's always really clean. Not that our house isn't.

Well. Maybe it isn't. But it's homey. My friends sometimes call it The Burrow. Which I consider a compliment.

I guess.

Anyway, we've been cleaning cleaning cleaning since I got home from babysitting (I drove home on 400 for 20 minutes with the parking break on. Eff up of the week.) and I have just come up to shower so I can sit on the couch (long story. Well, not really. We washed the slip cover today).

Except sometime in the shower I got the "I dreamed a dream" song stuck in my head and couldn't rest until I listened to the Glee version. We totally called the Idina-mommy storyline, btw.

And here I am. I am probably needed downstairs soon to greet the guests. More later.


  1. You know Mrs. Weasly kicks butt, I have decided to take that as a compliment.

  2. I've definitely been listening to the dream songs, myself. It certainly was the best episode of the season.