Thursday, July 29, 2010

heat wave

I'm back!

I have many stories, observations, and new loves to share (spoiler alert: involves Hawaii, short-shorts, and a shamelessly full mustache) but unfortunately I just don't have time to start now.

Reason one: I am exhausted from road travel.
Reason two: It is currently 93 degrees in my house. My wrists are sweating on the keyboard and I have a beaded-sweat-mustache in my own house. My mother just called in from the other room "The cat is panting!"

So, after work tomorrow, and hopefully after this is fixed (if not, I am moving to Starbucks till it is. Or the ice rink. Or I'll carve a space for myself in the garage freezer), I will wow you with anecdotes from the coast of Alabama. Until then, I will try to sleep through the night to be energized for going back to work in the morning.

EDIT: In all the sweltering, I forgot I was going to share something my roommate passed on to me:
Stereotyping People By Their Favorite Author

mine include JK Rowling (smart geeks. thanks!) and Shakespeare (people who like bondage. um, what?). One of my favorites has to be Cormac McCarthy- men who don't eat cream cheese.

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