Friday, July 23, 2010

hm hmh hmmh hm du duh DHUH DHUH DUH

So admittedly I don't spend my time on the internet well. Most of the time I'm watching How I Met Your Mother or definitely NOT iCarly online, checking my email, and facebooking. Which is totally a verb, no matter what spellcheck says.

But last night, I watched the sequel to Very Potter Musical (which you NEED TO SEE if you haven't already) and that took about 3ish hours of my life. But they were hours I don't want back. The sequel was a bit more adult than the last; something I don't mind, but I am definitely glad I didn't let Daniel watch it with me.

Here's a bit of it-

other favorites: no one can pronounce Hermione's name, Crookshanks, Lupin, and well, Umbridge's backstory:

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  1. lolololololol i love in the first clip when he says "i play guitar when everybody just wants to chill" (or whatever it was)!!!