Friday, July 30, 2010

things that go bump

update: still effing hot.

here's a scene from last night, around 12:14-

It is 93 degrees in this house. Probably hotter upstairs, here in my room. I read for a bit and turn out the light. The fan is whirring loudly at the window, but is largely ineffectual. I twist, and one leg is under the sheet while the rest of my body waits, uncovered, for cool relief.

I force my eyes to adjust to the new world of my pitch dark bedroom. Then, the thought:

With the fan so loud, I won't be able to hear them.

Only I could scare myself so thoroughly and for no apparent reason. Who's "them?" Aliens? Robbers? The family of Cat People who moved into my closet while we were gone? Who knows.

I hesitantly pull my exposed leg under the sheet, for safety.

This is gonna be a hot one.


  1. Two by two, hands of blue! You never know what's hanging out in your closet, I think you're playing it smart. I hope your air gets fixed soon!

  2. Woke up several times to noises outside. This morning I realized that one was the sound of the cat pushing the screen out of the kitchen window; or, a burglar crawled in the kitchen window and stole some popcorn.